In today’s world, there is so much competition in the business world that almost no business can survive without customer satisfaction and feeling good. According to business development experts, customer satisfaction is important as a key driver for business growth, and in fact, today, the success or failure of a business is largely determined by its customers.
For this reason and the importance of this issue and the right direction of business towards success, job survey services have been launched as a new phenomenon on the Internet. This is so important that even customer satisfaction is no longer limited to customer dissatisfaction, but also involves deeper emotional issues such as customer experience and customer loyalty.

Today, every business must choose the satisfaction of its customers as the main and achievable goal. A business’s sales, marketing, and service policies should also align with this goal and help increase customer loyalty. High customer satisfaction can be an indicator of the future success of a business.
In fact, the more loyal customers you have, the better your chances of getting your business on track and selling more and more in the future. According to available statistics, the probability of selling to a satisfied customer is something around 60 to 70%. This chance for a new customer is less than 20%!
On the other hand, although every business should seek to develop its competitive environment and increase the number of customers, the cost of attracting new customers is usually much higher than retaining existing customers.
By using the Pollnet service, you will be able to communicate directly and interactively with users of your site and media.
Pollnet is not just a one-way business polling service. With Pollnet you can even ask your users for their opinion at a certain moment, let’s say you own a sports broadcast media and now you play a football game between two teams in an instant. Sensitive game (for example, penalty) You can ask your viewers about the possibility of scoring a penalty and you can even award prizes for the correct answers in an instant

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