Muvi Cloud

Based on market studies and the willingness of real and legal audiences to share content, Avinance Company has designed a content conversion and distribution management engine, through which users can have immersive audio and video content independently of the platform. put the final
Muvi Cloud, the content conversion and distribution management engine, is a tool that is customized organizationally and specific to your business, so that the increase in traffic of other customers does not create a disruption in the provision of your business services. By having a simple and practical management counter, Muvi Cloud provides its customers with the possibility of receiving content broadcast reports, restricting broadcasts, as well as controlling and monitoring content.

The links generated by Muvi Cloud are short links that are the best placeholders for large files and provide end users with access to live streaming or recorded content with adaptive playback mode.
Easy access, fast conversion and reliable display have made Muvi Cloud the most distinctive system in this field.